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Susan asks…

How long does it take Pelvic inflammatory disease to cause infertility?

I’m talking about the disease that results from Chlyamdia. Do most women that have it have problems with their reproductive organs?


Is that like somekinda new computer virus?

William asks…

What Can Cause Infertility In a Woman?

Name anything….what can

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Daniel asks…

does your diet or weight have anything to do with fertility or irregular periods?

within the past year, i moved in with my boyfriend, now husband. with it being our first huse and us just getting out of college, we were low on cash. Cheap food= lots of carbs and fat!!! so i ended up gaining like 30 lbs. I

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Robert asks…

Name suggestions for a blog?

Its an infertility blog…need name suggestions! PLEASE answer!


Hmm… Infertility isn’t funny, so I don’t think a funny name is the right thing to use. You don’t want it to be depressing though. Something simple, yet sophisticated would work.


Linda asks…

I think I might

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Donald asks…

Fertility problems and Purina dog food?

I was having a conversation with a friend who is a breeder and has a lot of breeder/show friends. She mentioned that she has been hearing about quite a few dogs that are fed purina (pro-plan specifically) and having problems with fertility, i.e. low sperm count and a hard time getting the dogs pregnant.


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Richard asks…

Bacterial infection help please?

I was treated for a yeast infection for 2 weeks, and it got better..but now it’s back, Could this be a bacterial infection? What are some symptoms of a bacterial infection?
I already went to the doctor, and was treated with antibiotics.


A vaginal yeast infection is irritation of the vagina and the area around