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Sandy asks…

I Think My Sheltie is Pregnant…But Not Sure!?

I’m a early teenager and we’ve bred my solder dog at least eight times. We’ve had her since I was two, though, and although I remember raising and selling the puppies, I can’t remember any of the pregnancy stages. Well, we got her fixed when she turned nine. So now we have another to breed, whelp and raise & sell pups. She’s been bred twice and hasn’t gotten pregnant, though we could credit that to her young age and the way we treated her during pregnancy. I was a rough and let her jump and she rejected breeding. She also has NO hereditary problems or infertility. She’s a sweet, adorable 3 year old female. Well, this time we think she’s pregnant. She’s acting ravinous, is getting chubby in the torso to ribs and is discharging. Also, our other female is peeing as dominance. But we also think she might had pyrometra, because her discharge is slighly yellow but not pus colored and not stinky at all. How can I tell? I asked this question a week ago and didn’t get a good answer.
Actually we know now she doesn’t have an infection just wondering if she’s pregnant.
Listen, breeding is perfectly okay and I’m going to report anyone who says it’s wrong because my dog is a wonderful mother and loves her babies and we make sure all our puppies go to very good homes.
By the way anyone who says my parents are poor examples suck becasue I LOVE my parents and I could sure for deformation of character.


Take your sheltie to the vet ASAP, if it is a pyometra she will die without attention. There are two types of pyometra each with differing symptoms. A closed pyometra shows no discharge hardly at all until it is advanced.

There could be other reasons for the discharge, for instance, if your parents used an unscrupulous stud dog owner who was not fussy about who mated with his dog, or how often he was used, your bitch could have caught an infection from him (there are canine types of VD) If this is the case she is probably infected for life and will never have live puppies, or if she does they will be fading puppies and die.

Also you said your older sheltie is showing dominance signs. Older brood bitches can be very dominant. Some even try to steal another bitches puppies. If this is the case keep them appart, as a bitch can kill her puppies if she thinks they are in danger. And the older one might try the same if she thinks she cannot have them. (have had personal experience of a mother and daughter sheltie who were like this, so had to keep them very much appart. Although when no puppies around they were best of friends)

Now as to what I think of how your family treats its shelties.

To take 8 litters from a sheltie in nine years is disgusting!!
Your family may only have the one dog they are breeding from, but they are in the same class as puppy mill owners, worthy of nothing but contempt.

A sheltie should not be mated befor her 3rd season, and then rested for the next season. If she is healthy and had no problems with her first litter then a maximum of another two litters with a seasons rest in between is all she should have.

And whoever owns the stud dog your parents use is no better than they are. A decent breeder with a stud dog would not entertain someone who mates a bitch every season. Unless of course your parents work between two breeders who each think she is only mated once a year.

George asks…

I have PCOS and desperately want a child, Help Please!!!!!!?

I have gone to 4 different OB’s to figure out what my problem was, I had the usual signs and symptoms of PCOS, I had a laporoscopy, and i would miss my period for 2 months and bleed for 3 straight, most days very heavy. I was finally diagnosed with PCOS and was told that I need to lose weight. I have been actively ttc for 3 years with one miscarriage. I was 100 pounds lighter than i am now and i still couldnt conceive. Please advise what the next best step i to getting pregnant. I desperately want to start my family but i feel that I dont have any support from the doctors. I have always been heavy since i was a teenager and I lost weight and still don’t have any success in conceiving. I been on the birth control and taken off, I have been put on the metformin, and I have had the laporoscopy. I am becoming depressed and my longing for a child has only increased. I’ve been told to just let it happen but its been 3 years and I’m at my wits end. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


Don’t go to a OB/GYN. They just don’t understand and I have been a nurse for one for 17 years. You need to go to a reproductive endocrinologist. They specialize in infertility. Weight loss is helpful but that is not all that can be done. There is a medication Metformin that helps alot. Skip the OB/GYN and go to a specialist. Good luck.

Mary asks…

does age make a difference on pregnancy.? PLEASE HELP ME.?

i started my period around august 3rd. i used to be on birth control but i stopped taking my pills around july 30th. i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on august 18th, and he came inside me. the ovulation calender said im likely most fertile august 15-19. but my boyfriend said he didnt come alot, it might’ve just been precum but we’re not sure. do you think im most likely pregnant.? please help me out. i think i am, but i need other opinions. im afraid i may be infertile, because there were times where i thought i should have been pregnant but wasnt. but i dont know if its infertility, or it just didnt happen at the right time. keep in mind that im only 18, pretty much a teenager, & i noticed that alot of teens are getting pregnant nowadays…


Bare in mind, even on your fertile days you only have a 30% (ish) chance of pregnancy. I highly doubt you’re infertile, especially at your age.



Sandra asks…

why is it so hard to get pregnant?

last year i was off the pill from may 2011- march 2012 we weren’t really trying to have a baby but we weren’t being cautious either. i started the pill in april and may and i just finished my cycle june 16th. and was supposed to start my new pack of pills june 17th. my husband and i decided to start trying to have a baby im not really sure when i ovulate but we have had sex and he did the “deed” the last 5 times we’ve had sex this past week. according to an ovulation calendar im supposed to be the most fertile june 21- june 24 or 25 i took an ovulation test yesterday and it came back negative. so now im just lost. we had sex june 21st and when i woke up and went to the bathroom when i wiped there was blood but nothing heavy i wiped 2 more times and it was gone and since then no sign of beeding im not sure what to think but its very stressful trying to get pregnant when all these teenagers get pregnant no problem my cousin is 24 and is pregnant with baby #5!! she doesnt even take care of her kids and shes blessed with them its so aggrivating


Oh, honey, I feel your frustration! Every time I see a pregnant woman I resent her and have to look away, and every time I see a YA question from someone who accidentally got pregnant or doesn’t want to be pregnant, I wonder why it was so easy for them when they weren’t even trying but so hard for me when I WANT a baby and am in a great place in my life to raise a child! It seems so unfair.

But then I remind myself that I don’t know the story of the pregnant woman in the store. For all I know, she and her husband struggled with infertility for 5 years and she went through multiple rounds of IVF and miscarriages before finally being blessed with her little one. And I also remind myself of how when I was younger and in my 20s what a DISASTER getting pregnant would have been for me and how frightening it would have been, so I can’t hold it against someone for being pregnant and scared and not wanting it, because 10 years ago that could have been me and I’m lucky that I never had to go through that.

So yes, I definitely understand how you feel. My hubby and I are on month 4 (and cycle 6) of TTC, though since he had a vasectomy reversal we’ve technically only had 2 months of “good” tries since his sperm count only returned to normal about 2 months ago. What has helped keep me sane (sort of) is learning all about BBT charting, detecting ovulation with LH test strips, learning what supplements I need to take and what lifestyle changes I can make (like reducing caffeine), and things of that nature. I’ve also been tracking my cycle with apps on my phone since last December (about 8 cycles ago), and I’m glad I did because it helped me discover that I had luteal phase defect really early on and get on progesterone to fix the problem.

Since you just came off the pill again, it might take a month or two for your cycle to go back to normal… Though you weren’t on it for very long so honestly it might not even had time to be fully effective! So now what you can do is read up on detecting physical signs of ovulation and keep tracking your cycle. If you haven’t gotten pregnant in 6-8 months, you might want to consider meeting with a fertility specialist to have some diagnostic testing done. Hubby and I did that back in Dec. Before he had his surgery, and I’m glad we did. It was a major load off my mind. =)

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